News and Events.

  1. [May 2022]

    We also performed the first experiment in collaboration with other laboratories of the ECE Department at the University of Patras. The experiment included a driving simulator, made in Unity by students of the ECE Department, which triggered three different sources of stimuli (touch, hearing, vision) to measure the user's reflexes during take-over control of the vehicle.

    EEG montage COGNIX
    [May 2022]

    We are happy to announce further extension of our laboratory research infrastructure by acquiring cutting-edge equipment with a total amount >50K. Among others, we obtained a state-of-the-art 41-channel Electroencephalography (EEG) device, a mixed-reality hands-free controllable headset and couple of eye-tracking lens. We aspire to design and conduct EEG multi-modal experiments to measure cognitive traits within innovative breakthrough interaction realms like MR/AR and VR and gesture control along with visual and/or acoustic stimuli. Moreover, we aim to develop and evaluate an electroencephalography based framework for intelligent real-time modeling of user cognitive intentions, thus laying the ground for ground-breaking advancements in various Brain Computer Interaction research fields.

    EEG montage COGNIX
    [October 2021]

    The project’s kick-off meeting was held on November 2021 as a full day event and was hosted by the University of Patras, whose warm welcoming and introduction of all consortium partners created a friendly atmosphere allowing all the attendees to freely exchange their expertise and opinion.

  2. [August 2021]

    The project has been approved by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (H.F.R.I.) with a total funding of €194,295 to Support Faculty Members and Researchers in the field of Engineering Sciences and Technology, and it's duration will span two years (November 2021 - October 2023). The project is coordinated by the University of Patras (Greece), with external collaborating partners Cognitive UX GmbH (Germany) and the University of Cyprus (Cyprus).